Smoked Paprika Humous – Recipe

Humous is my absolute favourite thing.  I think I would BE a chickpea if i could.

I am looking to really expand my recipes on humous however here is the first of alot to come.


1 x can of chickpeas

Smoked Paprika x 2 teaspoon

Black garlic




handful of parsley

Drain the tin of chickpeas and add to blender (I use a nutribullet)


Add a big tablespoon of tahini with some water to loosen and pulse


Then add lemon and i clove of black garlic (available inmost supermarkets)


Pulse blend until combined but not smooth (i like texture)

Then add the smoked paprika


Season to taste and add parsley at the end

If it is too stiff (just add more water to soften)


Voila.  This is a winner…..good with meat/or just crudites.




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